About me

I am a composer, PhD researcher and cultural organiser.
I work on listening and its relations with technology and society.

As a cultural organiser, I have worked with the Fondation Royaumont (for Voix Nouvelles), the European Creative Academy, and I am a member of the board of directors of the Collège Contemporain.
Before moving to the UK for my PhD, I was the manager of Soundinitiative. Before that, I worked for the National Centre for Musical Creation Césaré. I was project manager of TISICA, a project gathering a hospital, three retirement houses, two electronic engineering laboratories, a dancer, an artist, and a musician, to develop a musical and gestural interface to help cognitive impaired people.
And some time before that, in the cultural activist side of my life, I worked with friends within Octarine Productions in Dijon. We organised parties with Mr Oizo, Eric Pridz, Ed Rush, Congorock, Black Sun Empire, but also Derek Holzer, Kenny Muhammad or Septic Flesh, among many others. We also carried out hundreds of hours of workshops in high schools (spoken word, human beat box, computer assisted music) and had a professional training centre in sound engineering.

You can access my full CV here.