Morton Feldman

Because of their durations, from one hour to six hours, the pieces from the last period of Morton Feldman represent a challenge to the musicologist.
However, these pieces follow the same compositional strategy, and by analysing one, you have tools to analyse or approach the others. Through what is, to my knowledge, the first published analysis of Violin and String Quartet, I hope to have shed light on the method used by Feldman, and to have shown how coherent his music is with his writing and with his interest for weaving and oriental rugs.

You can access the analysis on ResearchGate. It is in French, but I plan to make an English version some day. In the mean time, the numerous graphs and images should give non-French reader a relatively clear idea of the analysis.

If a specialist of the Kabbalah reads this, I would be very happy to exchange. I am pretty sure that there is a deeper level of organisation related to it in Feldman’s work.