A Baobab in the Bush


Night and day under and near a baobab in the South African bush, Limpopo state, Mmabolela reserve.

1 – Night in the open land
Mmabolela reserve, around 1AM. The mics are inside a small group of bushes, in the open land behind the baobab.

2 – Dawn at the water hole
A water hole lies at a hundred meters from the baobab. It’s 5AM and a small group of deers comes to vent their thirst. As the sun appears above the horizon, swarm of birds are flying by. Some make a stop to drink, while cicadas wake up.
I grab the mics at 7AM, the sun is already high and the temperature is increasing.

3 – The baobab
A typical hot and sunny november afternoon under the baobab of Tuli. Groups of birds are playing around the mics, and a probable coqui francolin comes to feed just in front of them. The cicadas chorus resonates and turns all around, before a solitary bird takes over.

A girafe hanging in Mmabolela, Limpopo, South Africa.

These recordings have been made during the first Sonic Mmabolela, a residency / workshop organized by Francisco Lopez and James Webb. Many thanks to them.
Recorded with a pair of Sennheiser MKH8040 on a Sonosax Minir.


Released in 2015 by Impulsive Habitat (IHab105).

Author: Jean-Baptiste

I am a composer, PhD researcher and cultural organiser. I work on listening and its relationships with society, technology and musical creation.