A Bridge Over the Limpopo


Day 9, 4.30 in the morning. We arrive at the Limpopo river just before the cicadas’ chorus. The birds are already here. A bridge is crossing the river, and I set the mics just in the middle, facing North. Some baboons are arguing in the distance.
On the other side lies Botswana, that we were exploring a few days ago. It’s the ninth day in this incredible place. It’s also approximately the number of hours I’ve slept since the beginning of the residency. I go back to the truck for a nap in the rising dawn, surrounded by birds and cicadas.

The Limpopo, Mmabolela, South Africa.

This recording have been made during the first Sonic Mmabolela, a residency / workshop organized by Francisco Lopez and James Webb in Mmabolela, South Africa. Many thanks to them.

Author: Jean-Baptiste

I am a composer, PhD researcher and cultural organiser. I work on listening and its relationships with society, technology and musical creation.