The Art of Drone Warfare

2019, for radiowaves and electronic.

This piece was composed for the Art of Drone Warfare popup exhibition in the Millenium Gallery, Sheffield.

Drones are the first step to an externalisation of war: acquisition of data and engagement are made from a distance, through sensors. Intelligence becomes primordial to contextualise the data received and surveillance – also made from a distance through sensors – arise as a central and constant need. A probably extreme reading of this could be to establish a parallel with predictive maintenance: a constant remote surveillance to establish when, where and how take action.

An underlying ominous presence was then the main idea behind the music. Distant voices, stolen communications, non-directional melodies, juxtaposition of elements: if it’s enough to build something, is it enough to build a meaning?

Commissioned by the University of Sheffield.
special thanks to Beryl Pong

Author: Jean-Baptiste

I am a composer, PhD researcher and cultural organiser. I work on listening and its relationships with society, technology and musical creation.