The Irrepassable Gate

2018, for radio waves, electric guitar and feedback.
This is the first release of Colonne Drone.

For the last concert of my two-year collaboration with Why Note, I invited Nicolas Canot to join me on stage. I was working on radio waves and feedback and I saw his work on mathematical formulas. Colonne Drone was born.
What should have been a traditional concert became an audio visual experience, greatly enhanced by the presence of Julien Guillamat and his Klang acousmonium.

Église Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, Marseille.

Nicolas Canot : video, Zvex Fuzz Factory, Electro-Harmonix Canyon, Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork.
Jean-Baptiste Masson : Vermona Retroverb Lancet, Mr Black Supermoon Chrome, Mooer Tender Octaver Pro, Mooer Hustle Drive, radio receiver, VLF receiver, BC Rich Mockingbird, Mackie VLZ1604.
Sound projection: Julien Guillamat.
La Vapeur, Dijon, 10 November 2018.
Recording, mixing: Jean-Baptiste Masson.

Commissioned by Why Note.
special thanks to Nicolas Canot, Nicolas Thirion, Julien Guillamat, La Vapeur.

Author: Jean-Baptiste

I am a composer, PhD researcher and cultural organiser. I work on listening and its relationships with society, technology and musical creation.